My experience of working on the Treasured Exhibition in the City Museum project, by Jordan

Jordan was part of a project which saw young people act as curators to create the major museum as part of London 2012. This was a great example of child friendly Leeds making a great impact on his life!

The project has made a huge difference to my life! Not only did it allow me to develop valuable life skills and gain lots of work experience (which made university application a lot easier), it also certified my future career path. Every stage of the project just opened up further opportunities. Working with the professionals and putting on an entire exhibition made me realise that my love for history can really be ‘released’ in the museum industry, where you simply just learn more and more. Precious Cargo has possibly had the greatest impact upon my life that any project could ever wish to have upon someone.

I would definitely encourage other young people to get involved in similar projects! They offer a great experience, where you can simply try something new in a welcoming and friendly environment and just see if that sort of thing is for you. If I had never got involved with Precious Cargo then I know I would definitely not be doing what I love! It’s definitely worth getting involved! The least that can happen is that you will make strong friendships and gain great experience for your CV. So give It a try!

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