The amazing Golden Owl Awards 2014


On Monday 2nd April, at the beautiful Leeds town hall, the Leeds Young Filmmakers Golden Owl Awards were held for aspiring film makers around the city. The awards started at around 7pm and finished at about 9.30pm.

Even though the awards started in the evening, I was at the town hall with other reporters at 11am, ready to begin setting up or the main event. Before the Golden Owl Awards, I had never realised how big the town hall was. It’s like a labyrinth! I got lost quite a few times.


After making our way to the CFL base, we were equipped with cameras, official t-shirts and Golden Owl badges. We then made our way down to the front entrance to take some pictures of the grand town hall. Going back in, our eyes were met by a massive inflatable Child Friendly Leeds hand.


After going into the entrance hall, we went on to the stage to take pictures of the impressive surroundings. We then wrote blog posts of how we were feeling before the main event.

After a quick break for lunch, we charged up all the cameras, before having one last session of taking pictures before the event. I was so excited!!

Finally, the time had arrived for the event to begin. We’d had a light tea, while watching a film, and then we divided into two groups: picture-taking group and interviewing and filming group. I went into the interviewing group and was filming, interviewing and congratulating winners. I LOVED IT! We interviewed people like the Lady Mayoress, The Mayor and the Children’s mayor.


After ten and a half hours, the day was over. I had thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt that I had learnt a lot and could now operate cameras and video equipment very well. It was a lovely day and I would do it all again.


By Sophie Poole

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