Our child friendly Leeds ambassador event – a young reporter’s view

Jayden Yeardley, one of our young reporters went along to one of our child friendly Leeds ambassador events, read what he had to say about it…


On Monday 31March I attended the Leeds ambassadors meeting. It was at the First Direct Arena in Leeds city centre. We went to interview some of the ambassadors for child friendly Leeds who are also business leaders. I met two people from the Merrion Centre. We asked them some questions, for example I asked them: ‘Are there any events coming up at the Merrion Centre?’ – They said they were thinking of planning one.

They told us about a competition to design a logo for the shopping centre. I entered it but did not win but got some chocolates and a certificate through the post. After we had interviewed them we went up to the front and everybody settled down. The people from child friendly Leeds did a presentation on what they did and we talked about where we’ve been on assignments. I told them about when I reported from sports personality of the year. There were lots of people there. I felt nervous but it was a good experience because we got to meet all different and interesting people from all over Leeds. I learnt that British Gas is one of the ambassadors for child friendly Leeds and my dad works for them. It was fun standing up in front of people and felt good asking my questions in the interview. It was interesting listening to what they had to say and the refreshments were amazing!

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