Horsforth Town Council


Cllr Martin Hughes

Ambassador pledge

To promote a child friendly Leeds through the use of the child friendly Leeds logo on letterheads and correspondence, and to create a town that is more inclusive of children and young people.

Example child friendly project:       

At Horsforth Town Council’s recent World War One commemoration event we made sure to include young people, inviting local Air Cadets to the events who paraded in uniform and with group and national standards / flags.

As the cadets marched off, having given the Salute to the Deputy Lieutenant (representing H. M. the Queen), the attending crowd burst into spontaneous applause, a demonstration of the respect towards young people in our community.

What difference has it made?

The inclusion of young people in our event made sure that there was a link between past generations of people who served their country and died for it in World War 1, and the young people who train for service today.



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