Non-Fiction (Climate Change) Competition Winners Announced at Lawnswood School Leeds

Pupils at Lawnswood School were given “The planet we share’ as a brief for their non-fiction November competition. The brief touched upon climate change and what they would like to achieve for the future of our planet. The challenge is simple: share your vision of life in the future, when balance with nature is restored.

Our planet faces problems like climate change, loss of biodiversity and plastic pollution. If we use our imaginations and work together, we can create a world that works for nature but is also better for humans. Now is the moment that we can redefine the way we live and shape a future that doesn’t just allow us to survive, but to thrive.

The winner Ferdaus Noori 1st position designed a beautiful wish tree with suggested ideas and wishes such as: ‘donate money to adopt an animal’ and ‘plant a tree’. You can view the images below by Skye Oliphant who received 2nd position and Daisy Mills Whittaker who received 3rd position. Many other fantastic entries included wish trees, journals and diaries about protecting our planet and fact files about endangered species.

Well done to all the pupils who took part. We love reading about school projects and competitions and sharing what young people have to say about issues they are most passionate about. We also hosted a youth voice summit last year on climate emergency and will be sharing the ideas and top priorities stated by young people from across Leeds at our next ambassador event.

Let’s #LeedsByExample on climate change

#LeedsByExample have fantastic resources, toolkit, guidance and opportunities to get involved in. As stated on their website ‘We can’t solve climate change on our own, but together we can make a huge difference. The food we eat, the way we travel and power our homes, the stuff we buy and the way we get rid of it all affects climate change. Living more sustainably is easier than you think —and it can also help us save money and live healthier lives. By making simple changes, we can reduce our carbon footprint and help make Leeds a carbon neutral city. ‘ Find out more below.


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