Child Friendly Leeds was launched by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2012. Since then, a growing number of partners across the city have been working together to create better outcomes for children and young people in Leeds. We ask everyone to take action in their schools, communities, businesses and organisations to make Leeds a child friendly city.

Our commitment to being the best city for children and young people is founded on the global movement of Child Friendly Cities initiated by UNICEF, and guided by the voices of children and young people in Leeds.

Get Involved

If you share our ambition for Leeds to be the best city for children and young people to grow up in, you can become a Child Friendly Leeds ambassador. From the outset of the ambition there has been a central aim to harness ‘the commonwealth of the city’ into what has become the CFL ambassador network. Our ambassadors work with us on a range of fantastic initiatives to promote the best start in life and help children and their families to lead healthy and active lives.

Our ambassadors promote this vision through their networks and social media platforms, listen to the voices of children, young people and families,
and use feedback to improve their practice and/or services. Ambassadors are invited to regular networking events, receive updates via newsletters, get involved in various projects to help young people develop their skills and experience, and involve their staff in fundraising or make donations to the Child Friendly Leeds Fund. Child Friendly Leeds can help organisations shape and deliver the aims of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes.

Highlights & Annual Scorecard

Over the last few years our priorities, ambassador events and projects have included the following:

Here is the 2020/21 annual scorecard for the child friendly Leeds team which describes key achievements and outcomes for the last year as well as some of our highlights as mentioned below.

  • Making Leeds city centre more child friendly including big city wide events such as Child Friendly Leeds Live & Jurassic Trail
  • Child Friendly Leeds Awards – Celebration & Recognition
  • 3 A’s strategy and promoting Year of Reading
  • Child Poverty and reducing the impact
  • Skills fit for the digital age
  • Baby Week Leeds – bringing sectors together to promote the best start
  • Climate Emergency and the voice and influence of young people
  • Enrichment opportunities and support for Careleavers, children and young people with SEND and vulnerable learners

Child Friendly Leeds Enrichment Winter Newsletter

Child Friendly Leeds has many strands and one of these is ‘enrichment’. Our enrichment work focuses on supporting children and young people who are in the care of the local authority, and those who are leaving local authority care (care leavers) to access a range of fun and meaningful opportunities that support their aspirations, learning and personal development. We are fortunate to work with a wide range of CFL  ambassadors and partners to achieve this. Over time, the cohort of children and young people the enrichment team support has expanded to include those involved with youth justice, unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people and the children of care leavers (as part of our corporate grand-parenting responsibility). 

Read our latest Winter Newsletter to find out what we’ve been doing and what projects and activities we’ll be running with the help of our CFL Ambassadors in 2021.

What People Say

It’s a ‘win-win’. The children of Leeds benefit from the involvement of local businesses whilst the businesses get a chance to give something back. Staff feel fulfilled, have a greater sense of engagement in the workplace and a stronger commitment to their employer.

Arena Group Ltd

All young people deserve the best start in life and should have the opportunity to achieve their potential. We believe that access to quality education is a key element in this, and we are therefore delighted to support child friendly Leeds in putting young people at the heart of the future of a successful city.

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